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Dear friends and Colleagues,

I hope you are all starting to boil with energy in our Northern hemisphere as spring is coming in. As you know well, spring has had another meaning for us in the last 5 years: April 15 has been celebrated as World Art Day since 2011. As IAA, we had unanimously accepted the proposal of Turkey in Guadalajara to celebrate the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci as World Art Day (WAD).

As I had reminded you in President’s letter no.4 about WAD, this year we will celebrate it with a greater enthusiasm.
The whole world should find out about WAD little by little, so that the importance and value attached to art.
WAD aims to prove the solidarity and brotherhood among artists for freedom of speech, democracy and artist’s rights, all together simultaneously during the week of WAD.

I kindly would like to ask you two special favors: The first one, please celebrate each others World Art Day, as densely as you would celebrate new year or Christmas; on that day, World Art Day must become trend topic and people who would not know what is WAD, on that day should become extremely curious and should try to find out what these three letters mean together. So please remind all your artist friends to use WAD and World Art Day logo and hashtags (#WorldArtDay #WorldArtDay'16 #WAD #WAD'16) everywhere in the social media, websites, banners etc. Of course they are also welcome to have real banners handy, if they want to place 'happy World Art Day' as banners & posters in front of their house and studio. It goes for you and me!

Number two, please inform us from all over the world, about all the activities you do about WAD! May it be happenings, or conferences, or exhibitions, or installations, please send us all the best photos you can take from those them on our main we will place them on Facebook thanks to Öykü…
By doing so we will stay in tune with each other and we will be more and more happy to discover thanks to all of us that the weight and exposure of IAA is spreading fast in our planet.
This year during the WAD week, I will be the first in Los Angeles where the Downtown Art Walk is preparing several events for celebrating WAD. They are doing such a great job that we hope it will serve as an example for all the galleries around the world, besides our artists associations.

After staying in LA during April 9-14, I will be in Mexico City where I will celebrate WAD together with our Mexican Association ARTAC members and our dear ex-president Rosa Maria Burillo Velasco at the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City, during April 15-17. I will return to Istanbul after few days in SFO and participate to few last events of the Turkish WAD.

So, dear National Committees, dear friends and colleagues,
I am looking forward to hear from you all, receive all the good news from our 'hot' April day coming soon… One last thing though: Don’t let anybody ruin your expectations and feelings when bombs are exploding on the surface of our planet. Don’t forget that the show must go on at any price! Without that line, the terrorists of the world would achieve much more damage to the thinking zone of the world…

With all my best regards and love to all of you.


Bedri Baykam | Turkey
World President
IAA/AIAP – Official partner of UNESCO




The World Executive-Committee of IAA, is being held today and tomorrow, 8th and 9th of March in Istanbul, the hometown of World-President Bedri Baykam.

Are present at the meeting: Bedri Baykam/ World-President, Turkey; Anne Pourny/ Vice-President, France; Franklyn Glover/ Africa-Coordinator, Ghana; Marta Mabel Perez/ Treasurer, Puerto Rico; Dolores Ortiz/ Latin-America Coordinator, Mexico; Andrea Kozarova/ Observer, Slovakia; Cho Kanghoon/ Asia-Coordinator, Korea; Jung Jun/ Delegate, Korea, Öykü Eras/ Executive-Assistant to the World President, Turkey; Tijen Sikar/ Observer, General-Secretary of UPSD Turkish National Committee.

The IAA-World Executive-Commitee celebrates International Women's Day and we want to affirm our solidarity with all women of the world for their equal rights. We will fight in every possible manner all violence conducted against women and we will do our best to be their voice all over the world.

Please read here a statement written today by our African Regional-Coordinator Franklyn Glover who voices our feelings:

To all our women on this special day:

May you be respected and honoured at the city gate because of your virtues.

May you have divine flavor that will bring awesome taste into bitter lives of many women who are been abused in several ways by society.

May you be empowered to impact lives within the spaces you find yourselves to make the world a better place to live.

Happy International Women's Day, Congratulations!


Letter from the President -4: about World Art Day (WAD), read here [PDF]


Press conference about Ashraf Fayadh, 7 December 2015

IAA/AIAP Official Partner of Unesco, World President Bedri Baykam, held today a press conference in Istanbul at the Piramid art center about the poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh who had been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. Participated: AICA Turkey President Evrim Altug, Artists Initiative Spokesmen Ataol Behramoglu and Orhan Aydin, Pen Turkey representant Halil Ibrahim Ozcan, Turkey Writer's Syndicate representant Aba Müslüm Celik, Sodev representant Inan Dagdelen, Theatre Actors representant Erhan Yazicioglu and several writers and artists. Also Miss Jennifer Clement, President of Pen international, sent a statement to the press conference in solidarity with IAA and the Turkish artists and writers associations.


Letter from the President -3

Dear friends and colleagues from all over the world,

Now it has been 45 days since our GA was held in Pilsen, Czech Republic. We are already in the intense art season in these last weeks of 2015.

Few weeks ago, I came together with our webteam, to work on a new page design and we hope to finalize this soon. We took some nice decisions and this new page might bring you a more clear and transparent vision about what’s happening in the IAA World.

Meanwhile, talking about our website, we must remind you that the most difficult issue, is not to open a website, but it’s to keep that site alive with a constant flux of news images. So we kindly ask you to do your best in sending us your best selection of photos together with the most interesting and relevant news… Those might be issues of artistic, social clash, any censorship give links to each country’s own website.

As you know also, our main concern now is to save the life of Ashraf Fayadh who is an artist writer condemned to death in Saudi Arabia. We have already sent you a statement with an open call for action to the world’s art community. Please keep this issue as your centre of attention until Fayadh is freed! Please vote actively to save his life through this link (you can find this link and support him in our Facebook page):

Our other concern is to make the best possible use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ms. Oyku Eras, who is the General Assistant of the President’s office in Istanbul, will do her best to moderate the IAA social media. She has already sent you a detailed email about that. Her e-mail is . As you know, she is also conducting our new Facebook page:

Send her your exhibition or life comments, news, studio or artworks as well as any joke or travel suggestions. You can follow me Twitter too, in order to keep short news and dialogue alive, as free as birds would do it!

Although I have a personal twitter account have over 182.000 followers, which you are welcome to follow if you want, we will open a fresh account for our mutual shares, starting from point 0. The other one is my ongoing dialogue mostly with Turks! So you are welcome to follow our new twitter account @IaaWorld and start our dialogue and retweet our shares.

My 'President’s letter number 4' will be about WAD next week.

Wishing you all the best,

Bedri Baykam
World President
IAA/AIAP – Official partner of UNESCO



This is an open letter to the world’s art community for asking their solidarity about Ashraf Fayadh, the Saudi born Palestinian writer, artist and curator whom a Saudi Court has sentenced to death on November 17, 2015.

Fayadh has been accused first of insulting religion or preaching atheism in 2013. When in 2014 he was arrested, police failed to prove his atheist propaganda, he was then being berated for 'smoking and having long hair'. Although Fayadh told the court about his innocence concerning the accusations of atheism and his attachment to God, the pressure of the religious police on the Saudi court has been effective. He was even accused of 'having had relationships with women' although he explained that the women were artist friends and photos on his phone, some of which were posted on Instagram, were taken during Jeddah art week (Saudi Arabia’s most important contemporary art event).

Please sign the petition here below, to show your solidarity with Ashraf Fayadh in order to stop his execution and free him.

We also ask the world press to place a growing pressure upon this crucial subject in order to raise the consciousness of the general public opinion in every country. It is precisely a matter of 'life or death' to give open support to Ashraf Fayadh in this extremely urgent and important matter. We hope to receive your contribution as soon as possible. Also please send us your remarks and contributions to IAA Facebook page:


Bedri Baykam
World President
IAA/AIAP – Official partner of UNESCO

Anne Pourny | France Vice President
Marta Mabel Perez | Puerto Rico Treasurer
Franklyn King Glover | Ghana Africa Coordinator
CHO Hang-Hoong | Korea Asia Coordinator
Pavol Kral | Slovakia Europe Coordinator
Dolores Ortiz | Mexico Latin America Coordinator
Maria Moroz | Poland
Ryoji Ikeda | Japan
Katarina Jönsson Norling | Sweden
Christos Symeonides | Cyprus


Speech from the president at the regional meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean in Costa Rica, 19th November 2015, read here [PDF]


Letter from the President about the Paris attacks, November 2015

Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s with great shock and sadness that we have received the news of the random street massacres in Paris. Our pain is endless and we are looking forward to hear from Anne Pourny, our Vice-President of IAA/AIAP that none of our members are hurt. On the other hand, even that would never be a consolation to us since every citizen of the world is our sister or brother.

Unfortunately all the ethnic or religious fundamentalist terrorist groups are more dangerous than one another. The world instead of seeing the technological space era in the 2000’s has seen the middle Ages.

Fundamentalist terrorism should never become a shield for saving a field of action for terrorists. The right to live, the democratic right to chose one’s own life style, the right to express one’s self in artistic or written form, are, as untouchable as the religious citizens religious rights.

We send our warmest and deepest feeling of solidarity and sympathy to all France and we send our condolences to all the families of the lost ones from whichever country they might be… We share their extreme agony and sadness. Of course, the same goes for all the families that have been the target of ISIS and all other terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey or Iraq.

IAA/AIAP as usual will do its outmost in order to try to help the atmosphere of peace to come back after this catastrophic turmoil in the capital of France.

Hoping to have better subjects to discuss in the near future,

Your sincerely,

Bedri Baykam
World President
IAA/AIAP – Official partner of UNESCO


Letter from the President, October 2015, read here [PDF]

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