Defending the artists: Colloques, conferences, forums | The Unesco NGOs GA, 12-14 Dec. 2016

Videoconference: Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art / in times of conflict, Nicosia

In March 2021, within the framework of the Unesco ResiliArt Movement, the National Committee of Cyprus organized a two-days videoconference in Nicosia on the theme: 'Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art / in times of conflict'. Artists from Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Poland, France, Ireland, Armenia, UK, and USA participated in this debate, which you will find on Youtube:


WAD 2019 in Europe: a campaign on exhibition remuneration for artists
After the successful symposium on exhibition remuneration in Brussels end of last year, IAA Europe launches its campaign on exhibition remuneration in Europe on World Art Day 15 April 2019 to advocate fair exhibition remuneration for visual artists all throughout Europe! #paytheartistnow;#exhibitionremuneration.

Join us and support the goal of a better and fair payment to visual artists all throughout Europe for the exhibition of their artworks! All initiatives are welcome!

Find on the website of IAA Europe,


- 2016: Social Security and Mobility of the artists
Report of the workshop, click here.


- 2016: Social Security and Mobility for Visual artists in Europe

On November 4th, 2016, in Berlin, IAA Europe organized a workshop on 'Social Security and Mobility of visual artists in Europe'. Undermentioned link provide:

- Concept note: please click here;
- Program of the workshop: please click here;
- Enquires made in some European countries on Social Security for visual artists with a guide of European Legislation: please click here for Austria; Belgium; France; Germany; Netherlands; Sweden; Report On the move; Social security in the EU;
- Report of the workshop: please click here.

For additional information please e-mail to IAA Europe:


- 2015 Canada: an agreement for visual artists

Carfac and Raav have signed Canda's first union agreement for visual artists. This agreement is very similar to the MU agreement signed in Sweden. It means that any Canadian visual artist who exhibits or has artworks used by the National Gallery of Canada must be paid the negociated rates as minimum. Artists are always free to negociate more, but the Gallery cannot offer less. More details at:

- Against the TTIP: Copenhagen, September 1st. Please, click here: (= ECA Conference)

- The artists' rights: Brussels, October. Website:

- Oslo 2013, Page 1 | Page 2


The Unesco NGOs GA, 12-14 Dec. 2016

- Report from Unesco:
- Official letter to all NGO's -23 January 2017
- Conclusions of the Unesco NGOs GA, 12-14 Dec. 2016
- Contribution of the 2016 International Conference of NGOs to UNESCO’S 39 C/5 - (Adopted by the ICNGO on 14 December 2016)
- Programm CIONG 2016
- Activities Report for the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, 2015-2016

The condition of the artist
Conférences, colloques
Arts education
GA Pilsen, 2015
Mahres Festival, 2016
Querétaro Forum, 2016