Arts Education

A Human Right to introduce to the National Constitutions.
Cf Newsletter N° 5:

"IAA calls to the mobilisation of all the artistic practices and forces (schools of visual art, dance, music, theatre, associations, institutions, muséums, orchestras, théâtres, etc.) in order to introduce to the National Constitutions - in all the countries where the juridical structure allows this procedure - an article making Arts Education compulsery.

IAA insists on the fact that Arts Education dosen't have to be a part of Education Rights, but has to appear as a distinctive article, after Education Rights. A fully fledged article.

It will be specified that this article will be added to the existing National Constitutions first, and won't be presented as a new law which is never applied because the statutery order is never signed !

All the projects and the results of the petitions will be presented to the IAA President for information and approval before the next IAA General Assembly, (Pilsen, Czech Republic, October 2015)

Through the questionnaire received from Unesco about the preparation of the post 2015 Programme, IAA already suggested that Arts Education has to be considered as one of the Human Rights."


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