IAA and visual disabilities

An artist of the Japanese National Committee, Liku Maria Takahashi, developed a method that allows the blind and the visually impaired people, not only to 'see', but also to create works of art. Inspired by the Eastern tradition of sand painting, LM Takahashi created a 3-dimensional tool that gives people with visual disabilities the possibility to 'see' colors and shapes. Thanks to the innovative computer tools, this method will soon be developed in order to give blind people the possibility to create without any assistance. In addition, LM Takahashi uses this work for an highly peaceful purpose, prompting each participant, grain of sand after grain of sand, to pray or to make wishes for a nation which is not his own nation.

The method is explained by the artist herself in the following documents: Resume | Magazine | Art works | Reaflet.

Find more pictures through this link.



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