6th International Forum of NGOs in Official Partnership with Unesco
Querétaro, Mexico. November 3-5, 2016

From November 3rd to November 5th, 2016, was hold in Querétaro, Mexico, the 6th Unesco NGOs International Forum devoted to 'From Promotion to Building Peace with the Unesco NGOs'. This Forum gathered 50 International NGOs which prepared it. IAA was one of those participative NGOs.


IAA Honorary President Rosa Maria Burillo participated to this Forum by intervening to present the Mexican National Committee Projects around Peace, and by participating to the round table which was organized on the topic: 'Art as a tool of dialogue'. She also organized with the other participative Latin American NCs a huge exhibition of 'Murals' and of children drawings in the Educational and Cultural Center Manuel Gomez Morin (http://gomezmorin.gob.mx).

In this exhibition being open to everyone, groups of children from the Foundation Mexico, Pride and Tradition of Queretaro could think about their idea of the Peace and draw their feeling in the light and in the eyes of everybody. All the drawings were shown, and a visit was organized for the Unesco officials, the members of the Liaison Committee, and the participative persons.

Quite a lot of the Mexican Committee members came to attend this Forum of Querétaro, as well as Rosemary Golcher, the President of the IAA Regional Committee of Latin America (Costa Rica), Claudia Adriazola, the Vice President (Chile), Albino Luna, the Secretary (Mexico) and Oscar Casquino, Member (Peru). This Forum gathered a total number of more of 800 persons, students groups from Mexican Universities wishing attend the debates.

The synthesis of the debates and ideas which were proposed and discussed is available on the Unesco Liaison Committee: www.ngo-unesco.net/fr/pdf/forum_paix/Synthese and www.facebook.com/ngounesco for the photos.

Echoing this Forum, the IAA Secretariat and the Unesco Children Club organized a 'Sentinals of Peace' special day for the children of the Unesco staff with the collaboration of three French artists: Alain Mila, President of the Association 'Les Sentinelles de la Paix', working at international level, Gilles Charrot, artist who was selected for 'Nuit Blanche 2016' (White Night), and Asilva, a member of the French Committee who curated the exhibition 'Children of the world draw for Peace'. As well as the clarinetist and actor Camille Artichaut who accompanied the building of the Sentinals.

Watch pictures of the Querétaro Forum, 2016 through this link | Program [PDF]

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