Visual Art Festival of Mahres, Tunisia, July 2016

In the framework of the 29th edition of the Visual Art Festival of Mahres, Tunisia – an initiative of Mohammed Haddad, member of the CNFAP Board Direction, delegate of the regional coordinators of the Arab countries – an important meeting for IAA/ Arab countries was organized around the topic 'States of play and Perspectives'.

This meeting, the first of its kind, which brought together artists from Algeria, Tunisia, Kingdom of Morocco, Libya, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sudan Iraq, Yemen, France and Italy, allowed to understand better the current state of the Arabic artistic scene, in Maghreb in particular.

On this occasion, and on official invitation, President Bedri Baykam went on site to participate to the debates. President Bedri Baykam presented the IAA philosophy, its actions, the new challenges for which the NGO is working to defend art and the artists interests worldwide. During the official ceremony which closed the Festival, a trophy was awarded to IAA in tribute to the actions and struggles IAA leads worldwide.

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Working session with the presidents and representatives of the National Committees of
the Maghreb countries
members of IAA, the preparations for the meeting 'IAA Arab
Countries' situation and prospects' Mahres Tunisia, from left to right:
Mr Salah Benjkan
treasurer AMAP Moroccan Committee, Mr Bedri Baykam President of IAA, Mr Wissem Gharsallah
SG Union of Tunisian plastic artists, Mr Omar Ghedamsi, SG Union of Tunisian artists, Mr Amar
Allalouche president of APA Association of Algerian artists Algeria, Mr Mohammed Haddad,
Deputy Regional coordinator of the Arab countries IAA.



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