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« The International Association of Art (IAA) denounces and reacts strongly against attacks on artists and cultural workers and against any attempts to limit their freedom of expression.

Once again we experience that artists, which express themselves with their drawings, become targets for terror.

An attack on innocent people in Paris is an attack on all of us »

Click here to read the letter of the President about the Paris attacks.

Click here to view new pictures of activity organised by our French National Committee and click here to read the speech of the President for Latin America and the Caribbean.


The International Association of Art, IAA/AIAP, is an NGO (a non-governmental organisation) working in official partnership with UNESCO, with the consultative status, comprising artists belonging essentially to the fields of painting, sculpture, printmakers, and artists practising other forms of creative work in the visual arts.

The objectives of the Association are to stimulate international cooperation among the artists of all countries, nations or peoples, and to improve the economic and social position of artists in the national and international levels, as well as to defend their material and moral rights.

The IAA/AIAP structure looks like UNESCO. It allows and facilitates all kind of working condition of arts and professionnal artists comparison through meetings, seminars, and exhibitions into a peaceful ideal, tolerance and sharing attitude. IAA/AIAP discuss and prepares proposals transferred to members' states. In 2012, a huge international enquiry on the today condition of the artists was launched which will allow to actualise the 'World Observatory on the Condition of the Artist'.

On the field, IAA/AIAP actively participates to the UNESCO programs through Arts Education for children facing violence, underpriviledged populations or living far from educational centers, in schools and community homes without Arts Education, as well as in specialised medical centers.

IAA/AIAP is campaigning to have Arts Education recognised as one of the Human Rights, and introduced to the National Constitutions.

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